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Congan Certification pick assured supply
2013/9/18   From:

We know that the power of the computer system as a power source, assumed all the hardware power supply task, so the quality is good or bad is a direct manifestation of the power of the output voltage and constant current or not, and this is precisely the important factors related to hardware security. Standardization of computer power supply security can be traced back to the end of the century, in 1998-1999, the Great Wall of power through the Great Wall safety certification, leading the domestic power industry into the era of security, and become the domestic power industry passed the ISO9001 international quality standard certification, have the computer power to develop the design, quality production, installation and service assurance business, demonstrated its leading position in the domestic power industry.


Perhaps readers certified power plant does not understand, it is composed of representatives of China to participate in electrical product safety certification organization (IECEE) of the International Electrotechnical Commission only institution, founded in 1984, China Electrotechnical Certification Commission (CCEE) issued, may be the other Member States within the IECEE system has been recognized by the standard statement recognition. Although later with the safety certification of standardized, being replaced now we know CCC, but safety certification before this has been a safety certification authority of domestic related industries.

   We now buy power when, in order to ensure the security and stability of computer hardware systems, of course, is to choose through a national compulsory 3C certification products. As a leader in the industry standard, the Great Wall power in this area is very good, all of its power supply products have passed the 3C certification, and the power stable performance and reliable quality has a very good reputation in the user base, large consumers can rest assured purchase. Here are several good quality Wall power supply parameters:

   Although the power of true security important, but the current market flooded with a lot of cottage power, these power workmanship and materials have varying degrees of problems, there is no security to speak more, if you covet a moment consumers to buy cheaper risks with this type of power supply, the system is undoubtedly planted a time bomb. Therefore, we suggest that you should try to choose certified by 3C manufacturers brand power, to ensure the safety and stability of power supply quality and reliable.

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