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SAA secure authentication adapter
2014/4/16   From: www.vvpec.com
Australia SAA certification standards body for Standards Association of Australian's certification to enter the Australian market of electrical products must comply with SAA certification. At present, many people in China believe that they meet the SAA certified products are safe to use, to some extent, this idea is correct. Currently we adapter on the market of choice are generally to be certified through the SAA, SAA certified adapter in security can have greater protection, and thus become the product of choice for consumers.
Adaptor as commonly used as a home computer parts, its relation to the importance of security safe use of computers, once the adapter in question, it could lead to the whole computer scrap. The adapter in the current market is a relatively inexpensive electrical parts, prices are generally good quality SAA certified adapter in dozens of pieces ranging from a few dozen to, vary according to their brand. Currently sold on the domestic market, SAA adapter popular brands are in Thai zt, Renault renault, Dukang, Lifan, Yuxing, emerald, Forleda, Durex, Xifeng, Pall filters, new treasure shimpo, Newman newsmy. Of course, the adapter on the market out of the SAA certified adapter adapters other agency approvals, such as adapter 3C certification, CE certification adapter, UL certified adapter, CQC certification adapters, etc., but generally accepted by consumers but also an SAA certification adapter.
In addition, SAA adapter can also be divided according to their use power adapter, audio / video series, coaxial, D-Sub products, Ethernet cabling, fiber optic line, FireWire, USB adapter, with its main uses are closely related to basic computer .

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